I believe that government should work for all of us.  In a democracy, good government...
  • Puts the needs of the people ahead of the special interests of the powerful few.

  • Maintains fair and equitable taxation that supports the common good as well as ethical trade and business.

  • Expands participation in the democratic process by making voting easier for all citizens.

  • Provides the infrastructure and services that sustain a healthy life for all, of all ages, and a strong economy.

  • Is committed to a healthy and sustainable natural environment and use of natural resources.

Let me tell you more…

My name is Joe Petrillo and I am running for Michigan State Representative for District 38 as a member of the Democratic Party. The lobbyists already have their representatives. You deserve one of your own. To accomplish this we will walk the walk and refuse any amount of money from special interests and lobbyists.  This will put us at a financial disadvantage, which is why we will need your help.  However, if we succeed, we will have the freedom to truly represent you, no strings attached.


Where is the 38th District?

Michigan's 38th House district covers the following cities:
  • Walled Lake
  • Novi
  • Novi Twp
  • Lyon Twp
  • South Lyon
  • Northville (north of 8 Mile Rd)


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